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3 K-Beauty Summer Skin Saviors: Shine, Protect, and Energize

Get ready for summer with Korea Trade's lineup of K-beauty essentials. ✨ From the light & luxe touch of white truffles in MUTO's collection to MON TO SUN's daily vibe boosters and LUMIERE’s sun-smart solutions, your skin is in for a treat.

MUTO’s Luxe Elixirs: Dive into MUTO’s Serums and Mists, where Seed Oil, Rose, and especially White Truffles work their magic to amp up your glow. These lightweight yet potent concoctions are designed to breathe life into tired skin, ensuring your summer glow is nothing short of spectacular. White Truffles? Yes, please! 😲 Your shortcut to summer radiance.

MON TO SUN Vibes: Kickstart every day with MON TO SUN's masks, packed with a whole bottle of essence. Plus, their foam cleansers and cute hand creams are just what you need  for a skin that’s refreshed, hydrated, and joyfully radiant. 🌈 This lineup is the mood booster your skin craves, ensuring confident face into each day.

LUMIERE’s Dual Action Defenders:

Embrace the sun without worry with LUMIERE's Sun Stick Balm and Watery Cream. SPF 50+++ and insect repellent in one? That's your summer skin guarded and glowing! ☀️ Their clear matte finish serves as the perfect makeup base, while the infusion of 'Citronella' offers a natural shield against pesky bugs and mosquitos. It’s your all-in-one solution for a sun-kissed season without the compromise – protection, beauty, and peace of mind wrapped in one. ✌🏽


Why Choose Korea Trade as wholesale Kbeauty partner? Quick, easy, and authentic—Korea Trade brings you the finest K-beauty picks for a flawless summer. Interested in upgrading your skincare offerings? We’re here to help.

Dive into the summer spirit with hashtags like #SummerSkinLove #KBeautyFinds #GlowUpWithKoreaTrade #MUTOmagic #MONtoSUNshine #LUMIEREprotection. Join our K-beauty community and share your summer skincare transformations and favorite picks from Korea Trade. Let’s make this summer unforgettable, one product at a time. ☀️

Love ~ Korea Trade Team

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