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Experience 99.8% Melt-in-your-skin Collagen

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts, store owners, buyers, and everyone in between!

We're about to drop a skincare secret that's about to level up your beauty routine. Imagine a skincare product that's not just a product, but a burst of pure collagen magic – yes, you read that right!

Get ready to love dive into the wonder of Dermarssance HighPrime Melting Patches

Dermarssance Magic of Melting Collagen in your skin
Dermarssance Magic of Melting Collagen in your skin

Experience the Magic of Dermarssance...

We know you've tried your fair share of skincare products, but Dermarssance is a game-changer. It's like treating your skin to a luxurious spa day, right at home. These patches are loaded with an impressive 99.86% Soluble collagen film, making them an absolute powerhouse of skincare goodness. But wait, there's more – they come with a patented and PURE Collagen Nanofiber that takes skincare innovation to a whole new level.

They only have 3 ingredients to make that magic work! ✨

99.8 Pure Collagen for skin
99.8 Pure Collagen for skin

Why Dermarssance Stands Out to regular collagen skincare?...

Revolutionary Technology:

HighPrime Collagen Film isn't just skincare; it's the result of 130 years of research!

Thanks to the award-winning Revolution Fibres technology, each patch is a result of excellence that's been refined over decades.

Lightweight and Absorbent: Applying skincare has never been this easy. Just place the patch on your skin, and watch it melt right in! This lightweight and super absorbent film works like magic to rejuvenate your skin.

Result-Driven Skincare: Say goodbye to guesswork. Dermarssance is all about delivering results. Experience the power of a product that's backed by years of research and innovation.

Calling all beauty store owners, buyers, and retailers – this is a game-changer you need in your collection. Your customers will be thanking you for introducing them to Dermarssance's skincare revolution. Quick collagen boosts, a nourishing mist, and skincare that's rooted in results are all in store for you too.

Ready to experience the Dermarssance magic? Let's make skincare dreams come true with KOREA TRADE as your Kbeauty supplier.

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