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Slash 7 Years Off Your Skin Age with Dr. Pepti's Peptides!

Unlock the secret to reversing time with Dr. Pepti, the premium peptide-based Korean skincare line trusted by doctors.

Designed to deliver unparalleled youth-restoring results, Dr. Pepti products blend cutting-edge science with nature's finest to offer you a skincare experience like no other.

Exciting news for skincare enthusiasts and sellers alike - this revolutionary brand is now available at Korea Trade, bringing special wholesale opportunities to elevate your beauty arsenal or retail offerings.


Rediscover your skin's youthful resilience with the PEPTIDE VOLUME LIFTING PRO ESSENCE. Crafted for those dreaming of a visibly younger appearance, this essence is a testament to premium skincare:

  • Doctor-Approved Formula: Lift and firm with a doctor-recommended blend of 55% Collagen and 25 Peptides.

  • Remarkable Absorption: Experience a 224% boost in skin absorption, thanks to its innovative formulation.

  • Visible Transformation: Witness a dramatic skin age reversal, achieving a look that’s 7 years younger in just 4 weeks.

DrPepti Peptide Volume Lifting Pro Essence
DrPepti Peptide Volume Lifting Pro Essence


Embrace skin transformation with the PEPTIDE VOLUME MASTER ESSENCE, a global sensation with over 2 million bottles sold:

  • Unmatched Skin Improvement: Revel in over 200% skin enhancement and a 193% absorption rate, fueled by Bubble Oxygen Essence technology.

  • Rich Ingredient Mix: Packed with 510,000ppm Flower Extracts and 40,000ppm Collagen for intensive care.

  • Peptide and Essence Fusion: The synergy of 11 Peptides and 9 Essences promises a best-selling, highly-reviewed rejuvenation.

Dr.Pepti Peptide Volume Master Essence
Dr.Pepti Peptide Volume Master Essence

3. Dr. Pepti Masks: Personalized Peptide Care

Customize your skincare ritual with Dr. Pepti’s specialized mask range, each designed to meet specific skin concerns:

  • Soothing Boost Up Mask: Elevate essence absorption with a 100% natural sheet, perfect for all skincare routines.

  • Centella Energy Mask: Lock in hydration longer and deeper, thanks to 1,000ppm of extracts and MOIST™️ Technology.

  • Exo Biome Mask: Foster healthy skin cells with a potent mix of 8 Peptides and Hyalurons for a vibrant glow.

Dr.Pepti Masks
Dr.Pepti Masks

Dr. Pepti is your go-to for top-notch, doctor-approved peptide skincare. Now, with Korea Trade, getting your hands on these K-beauty wonders is a breeze. Check out our range and grab these game-changers at great wholesale prices. Get ready to turn back the clock on your skin with Dr. Pepti and Korea Trade – your partners in achieving glowing, youthful skin without breaking the bank. Ready for younger-looking skin for you and your customers? Get Dr. Pepti at Korea Trade NOW. #YouthfulSkinWithPepti #DrPeptiDeals #KBeautyFinds

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