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Slow Down and Glow: Hello to I'm Unau's Slow Aging Line

Embrace the Slooow Beauty Movement with I'm Unau - now available at Korea Trade!

In the bustling realm of beauty, I'm Unau emerges as a beacon of calm, advocating for a slower, more thoughtful approach to skincare. Drawing inspiration from the serene lifestyle of sloths, i'm unau infuses every product with a philosophy of harmony and sustainability. This isn't merely skincare—it's a lifestyle commitment for those who care deeply about wellness and environmental integrity.

Bye Anti-Aging, Hello Slow Aging

I'm Unau goes beyond ordinary skincare by integrating the essence of slow aging into its products. The brand's signature GREEN334 complex, a blend of fig, green tangerine, and green tea extracts, is at the heart of every formula, ensuring that each application not only soothes and rejuvenates but also maintains the natural beauty of the skin.

Reasons to love IM UNAU!

  • Golden Ratio for Skin Relaxation: Experience unparalleled skin relaxation and rejuvenation with the perfect blend of natural extracts.

  • Vegan and Eco-Friendly Commitment: I'm Unau products are vegan certified and free from harmful chemicals, embodying the brand’s ethical practices.

  • Global Market Readiness: With CPNP certification, I'm Unau is poised to make waves in the European market by meeting rigorous safety standards.

Spotlight on I'm Unau’s Innovative Products:

  • LHA PAUSE TONER: Specially designed for warm, humid climates, this toner delivers deep cleansing without irritation, courtesy of its gentle LHA component.

  • BAKUCHIOL PAUSE SERUM: Targeting fine lines and wrinkles, this serum enhances skin elasticity and vitality using bakuchiol and the antioxidant power of the GREEN334 complex.

  • CERA HYALURONIC PAUSE CREAM: Dive deep into hydration with this cream that combines ceramides and hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and promote long-lasting hydration.

  • BAKUCHIOL VANILLA REWIND MASK PACK: This anti-aging powerhouse combines bakuchiol, a gentle alternative to retinol, with the soothing properties of vanilla, offering a robust formula that targets signs of aging while calming the skin.

With I'm Unau, you're not just choosing skincare products; you're embracing a slower, more conscious way of living. This choice reflects a commitment to nurturing your skin and respecting the environment.

Discover the soothing simplicity of I'm Unau and transform your skincare - NOW AVAILABLE AT KOREA TRADE

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