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The Sandawha Elixir: Investing in Radiant Fall Skin

As autumn arrives with its cool breezes and falling leaves, it's time to transition your skincare routine for the new season.

Say hello to Sandawha, the skincare brand that draws inspiration from the tenacity of Camellia flowers, which bloom even when other flowers wither in the cold.

Just as these resilient flowers protect the shores of Jeju Island, Sandawha can shield and nourish your skin during the autumn months.

Why Choose Sandawha for Fall Skincare?

1. Intense Moisture and Deep Nourishment: Sandawha's products offer intense hydration and nourishment without feeling heavy on your skin. Their light-textured formulas are easily & fast abosrbed but has deep hydration, perfect for fall.

2. High-Quality Organic Oils: Sandawha uses high-quality, cold-pressed organic oils, similar to luxurious brands like Ch**el. These oils are rich in essential fatty acids (Omega-6) that help reduce fine lines and repair skin damage.

3. Renew and Revitalize: Give skin the care it deserves. Sandawha products are designed to renew and revitalize your complexion, keeping it radiant throughout the autumn season.

Elevate Your Autumn Skincare Routine and Transform your skin with these magic elixirs:

Fall Duo Sandawha

  • Camellia Extra Virgin Face Oil: Fresh, satin glow from luxurious oil blends.

  • Camellia Renew Moisturizing Liposome Cream: Quick skin absorption & fast action on age spots.

  • Department store #1 high-selling

Camellia Special

  • Camellia Oil Serum: Made with purity of different parts of Camellia flower to maximize moisture & skin solving powers.

  • Camellia Floral Ultra Rich Hydrating Water Cream: 40% pure Camellia essence water to repair dryness.

  • Proven skin restoration & texture improvement.

Must-Try Item!

Camellia Flower Antioxidant

Cream Mask

  • Moisturizes and relaxes skin.

  • Gives nutrients to skin barrier.

  • Protects skin from pollution and chemical or physical stress.

Sandawha: Beloved in Prague, Now Available to Elevate Your Beauty Regimen

Sandawha has already captured the hearts of skincare enthusiasts in Prague with its natural charm. Now, it's your turn to experience the enchantment of Camellia-inspired skincare.

Don't miss the opportunity to introduce Sandawha's to your customers this fall.

Contact us at Korea Trade to inquire about wholesale prices and product availability for your store today. Reach out to us via email at and let's start enhancing your fall skincare offerings with Sandawha!

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