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Unlock 4-Week Glow: PATCHHOLIC's Summer Skincare!

Hey There, Sunshine Lovers!

Summer's here, and we're all about stepping up our skincare game. Guess what? PATCHHOLIC has landed on Korea Trade, and we're stoked to share their latest lineup that's perfect for the sunny days ahead.

Why You'll Love PATCHHOLIC:

Ice Cream Line: Who said skincare can't be fun? Check out PATCHHOLIC's Ice Cream Line, featuring the coolest, cutest packaging around. The Yuja Sleeping Mask is a dream come true for bright skin, and the Watermelon Gel Cream is like a refreshing drink for your face. Trust us, it's summer in a jar!

  • Yuja Sleeping Mask: Say bye to dull skin and hello to brightness.

  • Watermelon Gel Cream: Hydrate your skin with a splash of watermelon.

Avocado Ceramide Cream: Ever heard of glass skin? This cream is your ticket there. Packed with avocado and ceramides, it's like a superfood salad for your face, making it all plump and happy.

  • Nourishes Deeply: Avocado + ceramides = happy, hydrated skin.

  • Feels Amazing: Leaves your skin smooth and oh-so-soft.

SOS Serums: Meet your skin's new BFFs - the SOS Serums. Whether you're after a glowing complexion with the Yuja and SuperBerry serums or aiming for pore perfection with Hibiscus, these serums are here to save the day. And keep an eye out for the new Jericho Rose serum – it's a game-changer!

  • Bright & Glowy: Yuja and SuperBerry got your back.

  • Smooth & Refined: Hibiscus and Jericho Rose for that flawless look.

Ready to Dive In?

PATCHHOLIC is all about making skincare that's not only effective but also super fun to use. And the best part? You can snag these summer essentials at Korea Trade now, with some cool deals waiting just for you. So why wait? Let's make this summer unforgettable with PATCHHOLIC's innovative skincare solutions.

Let's Do This: Ready for the best skin of your life this summer? Hit up Korea Trade and check out PATCHHOLIC's lineup. Your skin will thank you. #GlowGetter #PATCHHOLICSummer #SkinCareFun

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