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Unlock Success: K-Beauty Wholesale Import Guide for Vietnam

Vietnam's obsession with K-beauty is no secret, making it a hotspot for Korean cosmetics. With a whopping 30% market share, the demand is sky-high. Are you thinking of diving into this flourishing business?

K-beauty Importing in Vietnam KOREA TRADE Wholesaler
K-beauty Importing in Vietnam KOREATRADE

Buckle up, because when it comes to importing Korean cosmetics, dealing with customs in Vietnam can be a rollercoaster and KOREA TRADE is here to take you for quick info tour.

What to Import and Regulatory Essentials:

Thinking of importing? Beauty items, and natural cosmetics are the go-to choices. But here's the catch – you've got to play by the rules. The ASEAN Cosmetic Directive sets the standards, covering everything from product registration to labeling. Follow these essentials:

1. Product Registration: Create detailed product file in Vietnamese and English.

2. Product Specification:

  • Meet Ministry of Health standards.

  • Cover Safety Evaluation, Raw Material Registry, and Formula.

  • Ensure Preservative Effectiveness and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice.

  • Clearly state Indications of Claims.

c. Labeling: Comply with local regulations for clear labeling.

d. Certificate of Free Sale: Obtain and present this crucial certificate.

e. Regular Notification: Keep local authorities informed through appointed representative.

Cracking the Customs Code:

The HS Code is your golden ticket. 🎫It categorizes goods and determines applicable taxes. Vietnam's customs landscape can be tricky, but we've got your back.

Seal the Deal with Korea Trade:

With Korea Trade, you can sail through the complexities, ensuring a smooth import experience. We are 2023 Vietnam Eco Mission Delegate and we've successfully distributed to 500+ health and beauty stores in Vietnam. Trust us to handle the nitty-gritty of importing and shipping authentic K-beauty supplies directly from Seoul to your stores, clinics, and spas in Vietnam.

Let's make your K-beauty dreams a reality! 🌟🇻🇳

Economic Commisioner of Korea Trade companies
Korea Trade's presence as Vietnam Economic Commisioner

Ready to take the plunge? Contact Korea Trade and let's embark on this K-beauty journey together! 🚀📦 #KBeautyVietnam

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